We realize information overload can occur easily and would like to point out a few things that can make your experience better.

  • When searching, start with a broad single term to yield you the most results. Once you have a better idea of what is available add additional terms.   Ex.  if you are looking for JAG grants type JAG, once you see the results you may narrow it by putting addtional terms like Alabama. Search favors terms that are continuous as opposed to random keywords.
  • Featured Grants do not change often, however, you may want to check back daily to see what Recent Grants have been added. Our grant catalog is updated daily and is constantly getting new postings added.
  • Webcasts are a great way to get more detail. In the future we will be adding the ability to register for a webcast through the site, however, currently you will be taken to the WebEx portal where you can enter your registration details.
  • Other Resources: Searching will return results for any of our .info sites as well as UPstream and Grants Office.com. This can be a valuable tool when the the grant you are looking for is not featured on the .info site that you are on.  Documents, Events, and Articles can also be found by using search.

We understand that everyone is unique and that your problem may not have been addressed by this page.

If this is the case please contact us by phone at: 585.473.1430 or use our Contact form and we will try to answer your questions as promptly as possible.