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National Science Foundation (NSF)


Communities in the United States (US) and around the world are entering a new era of transformation in which residents and thei...

Award Description:

S&CC Integrative Research Grants (SCC-IRGs) Tracks 1 and 2: Track 1 is for budgets greater ...

Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE)


The GEAR UP Program is a critical component of the Departments efforts to improve college access and completion for students wh...

Award Description: The estimated funding available for the new GEAR UP Partnership awards is $64,833,000. Awards range from $100,000 to $7,000,000. A...
Office on Violence against Women (OVW)


The Campus Program encourages a comprehensive coordinated community approach that enhances victim safety, provides services for...

Award Description:

Up to $20,000,000 is available in total funding for FY19. Up to 50 awards are expected to be made. Awards will be up to $300,00...


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