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Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration

Summary: This grant program is designed to provide education, training, and job placement assistance in the occupations and industries for which employers are using H-1B visas to hire foreign workers, and the related activities necessary to support such training. H-1B technical skills training grants are fi...

Award Description:The estimated funding available for FY14 is $150,000,000. 20 to 30 awards are anticipated. Awards will range from $3,000,000 to $10,000,000. A project period of 48 months is expected. Cost sharing/matching is not required.
U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), Employment and Training Administration (ETA)

Summary: The purpose of the WIF is to support this job-driven approach to workforce development by funding innovative approaches to the design and delivery of employment and training services that generate long-term improvements in the performance of the public workforce system, outcomes for job seekers and...

Award Description:Funding will be provided in the form of a grant. Approximately $53 million is expected to be available to fund approximately 8 - 15 grants. No individual grant will exceed $12 million. Applicants must conform to the specific funding limit associated with the proposed Project Type as listed below:<...

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Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation


The Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation is interested in applications from nonprofit organizations which provide the following type...

Award Description:

Award amounts vary. Awards generally range from $1,000 to $100,000.

Ohio Development Services Agency

Summary: The purpose of the Local Government Safety Capital Grant Program is to provide grants funds to be used for the purchase of vehicle...

Award Description: Approximately $10,000,000 is available in total funding. Individual Awards will be up to $100,000 each. Applications submitted by ...
Ohio Development Services Agency

Summary: The Local Government Efficiency Program (LGEP) offers communities financial assistance to implement projects that create more effi...

Award Description: Awards will be up to $100,000 regardless of the number of entities participating in the project. Requested amounts should reflect ...

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